About Us

Bodock emerged in 2007 from inspired entrepreneurship and the successful execution of three separate companies – Adams Keegan, The James Group, and Staff Line.  Although founded in 1987, Adams Keegan solidified its footing in 2003 and became profitable.  On the heels of this success, The James Group was founded the same year to better serve Adams Keegan and its many clients with group benefits provision and management.  In 2004, Staff Line was founded to capitalize on an opportunity and not only did it work, it was the beginning of an exceptional growth story.  As profitability for these three companies grew rapidly, focused leadership became necessary for each. Bodock was founded as a holding company to serve and support each operating business with its capital, and to provide guidance from its exceptional board of directors.


The Bodock Story

Bodock is another name for the Osage Orange heartwood, a North American timber that is noted for its hardness, flexibility, durability, and resistance to decay. We chose this name because our business strategy carries these same qualities, made evident with a portfolio of businesses that have stood the test of time and become successful thanks to Bodock’s leadership.  

This is not due to one person’s effort alone. In fact, our fundamental approach to business growth begins with the understanding that committed people within a caring, cooperative culture is the engine of our success. With four recurring revenue businesses and a desire to start or acquire more, we diagnose problems and design and build custom solutions to grow companies to and beyond their heights of success. 

With top-shelf capability and systems that are customized for our clients and integrated into their businesses, we develop and own unique technologies and software that distinguish our companies from their competitors, regardless of size.